Why thechineseroom are possibly involved:

  1. The first Google Maps link on the links to 'China' (hence thechineseroom).
  2. The second Google Maps link on the website points to Boreray, an island in the Hebrides, which was the inspiration for the island in Dear Esther (a game by thechineseroom).
  3. The third Google Maps link on the links to a street in Seattle, where the Smith Tower is adajcent. Inside the Smith Tower is 'The Chinese Room'.
  4. In the console, the supposed email is CC'd to "MOC.EMAGLANOITCIRFTXEN|RCT#MOC.EMAGLANOITCIRFTXEN|RCT". "TCR" supposedly stands for "thechineseroom", which is how the developer in question stylizes their own name.
  5. thechineseroom's next game, "gameB", is a "top secret game we’re working on that will be due out in Q4 2012."This release date is extremely close to the release date ("A MACHINE FOR PIGS COMING FALL TWO THOUSAND TWELVE") stated on the console.
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